The Perfect Theory for James Bond, and how Skyfall Ruined It.

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Yeeees.  As my hungover friend has clearly knocked himself out for this post, I figure I run a small post for today.

What with Bond-mania going to reach epic proportions later on this year, I figure I tell you a little pleasant theory about one of the greatest fictional spies to have ever graced our eyes.

James Bond.  The quick witted, even quicker shooting, vodka martini drinking, classic car driving, ladies man, was a creation of the author Ian Fleming.

Fleming created the iconic character during World War 2 during his time in the Naval Intelligence Division.  It was there that fuelled his creation for Bond and all his stories that have spanned 12 novels and 2 short stories, collectively with several other authors that have created their own novels of the titular character, breathed into life on television, radio, comics, until it came to 1962 (two years before Ian Fleming’s death) where the first James Bond film Dr. No came to fruition.

The film was a roaring success and jettisoned Sean Connery’s career into stardom, since then the character has been played by 5 other actors and starred in a whole host of films that (later this year) will number to 24.  From the depths of an active volcano to the zero gravity of a space station.  The super sleuth spy has delighted countless fans with his one-liners, his flirtation with the ladies, and the battles against numerous, also iconic, henchman.

James Bond Actors

But there was always something wrong with James Bond.  Something that could never be explained properly without drastically re-writing the entire canon.

His age.

Let’s put this in perspective.  The franchise has had its major ups and its downs.  From the great Sean Connery, who had to come back after George Lazenby almost cocked it all up, to Roger Moore’s resurgence of Bond, until his later films proved to be ill-fitting, Timothy Dalton’s dark side of Bond that pleased the fans, the massive success of Pierce Brosnan and Goldeneye, but it all proved to be a calamity when The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day were released.

It wasn’t until Daniel Craig came along that jump started the entire franchise again, and the director Sam Mendes to give it a second wind with Skyfall.

But after all that time, they knowingly acknowledge that Bond stays the same, but everyone else changes.  Since Dr. No they’ve had 3 M’s, Bernard Lee, Robert Brown who was an Admiral in The Spy Who Loved Me, and then after a long hiatus, Dame Judi Dench filled the role.  Even Desmond Llewelyn who played Q, the most lovable of characters in the franchise, grew older and older only to be paired with a younger version of Bond.  Something that never gets explained and seems to be taken as canon, as if Bond found the Fountain of Youth, kept it for himself and no one battered an eye lid!

However, due to the revival of Daniel Craig’s James Bond, there was a slight chance that the canon can be altered in a way that wouldn’t piss of the legion of fans and might intrigue further Bond lovers in the near future.

At the beginning of Casino Royale, before the title card, Bond is waiting for Dryden, an informant that’s been selling state secrets for money, as well as a flashback of Bond killing Dryden’s contact in the men’s toilets.  Because, when you need to go, you gotta go. (Ed: Not funny)

Anywho, Dryden is surprised to see Bond and is in no way threatened by him being there.  He goes on to say that, if M was so sure he was an informant, she’d have sent a double O, and he’d know who are the double O agents, since it takes two confirmed kills to become one.  It’s then that Dryden pulls a gun on him, realises its empty and then tells Bond that the second kill is easier, but before he finishes his sentence, Bond shoots him in the head.

This, being one great scene before a title card, shows that James Bond was, in fact, not a double agent, but a regular agent that had to earn his kills before coming one.  This would suggest that this is entirely a new Bond.

And this is where Lewis and I talked about a particular theory that would help for future casting of Bonds.

When we first saw the film and discussed the opening scene, we came to the conclusion that if they’re going to run Daniel Craig as a fresh new Bond, they could open the door and announce that James Bond isn’t actually 007’s real name, it’s his code name.  This would further prove the theory seeing that Dame Judi Dench still reprises her role as M and is now looking at a more (blonde) youthful (hard arse) James Bond.  Keeping part of the older canon, with something fresh and new.

This went on for a bit and it looked like they could get away with it until a new Bond had to emerge, but there was one slight problem that ruined it all.


The film that has now reached over a billion US dollars in the box office, could have created a Bond where James, never truly dies.  Just gets replaced by another field agent.

But then they show is past, where he was a small child, brought up in Scotland, by his parents Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix.

 Skyfall Manor

Thereby proving that he was James Bond after all and that’s his real name.  There goes that theory out the water that would have tied a nice little ribbon on casting any future Bonds that needed to replace ones that were either fed up for the role or became too old for it.

See, this little idea only came to light again, when a short while ago, it was rumoured that Idris Elba, known to most as Heimdall in the Marvel Universe and Luthur in the BBC thriller series of the same name, was going to be the next 007 after Daniel Craig.

 Idris Elba James Bond

The extreme cesspit side of the Internet didn’t take that very lightly, and why shouldn’t they?  Cos you know, they’re twats.  We think Idris would make a fine Bond, he has everything that’s needed for a Bond.

It wasn’t until an article on from Cher Martinetti reminded me of our little theory for the “new” Bond.  To be fair though, Cher’s accounts of Idris seem to be more around…infatuation than anything else.

Hehe, she be all giggerdy like.

Oh you’ve finally woken up.  How’d you feel?

I want a fry up so bad that I can see grease in the air.

Back to normal then I take it.

And a Dr Pepper.

Sounds like a full recovery to me then.  Ah well, the theory in itself was sound idea, and to be honest, we hope Idris is a suitable candidate for next time.

I don’t know, maybe we’ll see what Chris Pratt is doing now.  You can’t swing you’re dick now without it bumping it into him.


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2 Responses to The Perfect Theory for James Bond, and how Skyfall Ruined It.

  1. ebowlotus1960 says:

    The code name theory was already refuted in previous films, Bond visits Tracy’s grave in For Your Eyes Only and Felix Letter states that Bond was married once a long time ago in Licence to Kill which means it’s the same person rather than an alias.


  2. Wolfgang Thuerauf says:

    No.James Bond is his real Name. But now starting with Casino Royale, we have a parallel universe. The new Films have nothing in common with the first 20 films. But it would have been better, to cut all combinations to the Past, they should have brought Ralph Fiennes as new M with the Start of Casino Royale. But they did not have enough braveness to do this also. So it was only a half new Start. Sorry.


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