Just a regular guy that likes nothing more than to watch, talk and discuss films.  One of the most prolific and hardest of arts, film has moved the lives of many people.  And it has moved us into creating our blog.  We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.
I love films of Indie, Thriller, Drama, Epics and History, Crime, Comedies, and Adventure.  (And the odd B-movie)

Hello. I am Lewis :D.  I am fluffy (so says lots of people).  I have been asked to do this with my friend Alan.  He is my best friend and he lets me talk about movies as much as I want.  I am not sure what to do really but Alan says that he will give me sweets if I talk about films with him and that is why I am here cos I would like some sweets.  He types what I say.
I love Comedies cos they be funny, Sci Fi cos pew! pew! in space!!, Action cos bang! bang! at bad guys!!, Adventure cos Indiana Jones is the best, and Animation cos it’s like a really long cartoon.  Also, I like films with lots of boobies.

You can’t let me put that in there?!

What?  The fluffy bit?

No!  The…..boobies bit.

Why not?

Because we’re not talking about films with boobies.

Oh…….that’s a shame.  Everyone loves boobies.


We hope you enjoy our blog. 😀


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